From low value by-product to

high value
human food

Since 2013 C Food Norway have developed our business in close co-operation with trusted partners in Asia and Europe. 

Our ambitions are to reach 100% utilization of the fish

the oceans

our potential

C Food Norway will continue to deliver healthy and nutritious seafood from existing catch. 

Currently we source in the clear waters of the North Atlantic and the North Pacific.

the globe

our network

C Food Norway has established a global network for sourcing, processing and sales. 

Our HQ is in Norway, but we have partners, agents and sales offices around the world.



our focus

C Food Norway promotes sustainable practices in line with UN’s sustainable development goals. 

Business model with focus on reducing waste in the seafood sector.

key company information

C Food Norway

Located in Aalesund, Norway. Transforming raw material from the clean waters in the North Atlantic and North Pacific to high value food for customers in Asia and Europe.

Our ambitions are to:


From low value by-product
to high value human food

Develops products from unutilized resources. 

Holds extensive market knowledge.

Cooperates with strategic partners. 

Business model is scalable.

Holds an unique story of sustainability. 

Partners // Research and development